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Made to order personalized Photo Illustrations

So you’re interested in a custom photo illustration, great, I enjoy designing custom illustrations.


Why am I different? I take a lot of pride in being able to create unique pieces of artwork that is special and cherished.


Unless otherwise specified a standard photo illustration is 20”x30” and can be printed 20"x30" or smaller.


There are several methods you can use to order a custom poster. I recommend that you choose a minimum of six images but no more than eight. If you want more it can be done but images get small and are harder to see at a distance. Proofs will be provided for review and approval before a full size print is created.


I attend lots of local events and you may be able to find images that I have already taken. If the Images already exist you can use method 1 or 2. If I don’t have any images available and you want me to attend an event and take images specifically for you, use method 3.


Method,1) Email me several picture numbers and let me know you would like a custom poster.


Method, 2) Select and order online. Select the images you want and add them to your cart. Use the Electronic Download option and choose Poster Image. Next select a Poster size. And add it to your cart. At his point you can check-out. I will be notified and I’ll create a proof for you to review. Ordering online will allow you to download thumbnails of the images that you can use on FaceBook or email to friends and family.


Method, 3) allows you to Pre-Order a poster when images don’t exist. By pre-ordering I’ll attend local events and capture the photographs needed to create a poster. If you’re interested in a poster I recommend that you use this Pre-Ordering method. It ensures that I’ll attend the events and pictures will be available. Pre-Ordering requires payment to cover cost evolved in attending events.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me. No matter what method you use I’ll be working closely with you to ensure you receive exactly what you want.